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Welcome to Joe Wood Home Inspection and Consulting. Joe brings high technical expertise and experience to the field of practical home inspections. As a trained safety, health and environmental inspector he now brings that knowledge to bear in conducting comprehensive inspections in both residential and light commercial properties, especially in cases where water damage has occurred. His promise to you is prompt response, thorough inspections, and an easy to understand report of the findings, along with practical solutions. He can inspect and consult in Louisiana but primarily works the south and central part of the state.

Buying or selling property can be an overwhelming but exciting experience. You can lessen the stress by using an experienced inspector, such as Joe Wood, to conduct a thorough inspection to identify significant major and minor deficiencies. His inspection can give you assurance of the true condition of the property. In the current south Louisiana market many homes and commercial buildings have been impacted by storm and flood damage. A large number of these homes have been bought to be “flipped.” It is critical that an inspector make a thorough assessment as to whether proper procedures were used to clean and remodel the property. Mold spores and bacteria left behind the walls can magnify over time whenever relative humidity levels increase due to minor moisture barrier leaks, roof or window leaks, or air conditioning problems. He can address all these issues to give you peace of mind that the rebuild was done correctly.

Joe has been a professional safety and health professional for over 30 years. He can inspect the property for potential deficiencies related to ADA or egress in case of fire. Often in the case of floods, handicap entrance ramps become structurally unsafe and remodeled spaces do not have proper ventilation or means to escape in case of fire. He can also check the building for carbon monoxide concentrations and proper ventilation.

In summary, Joe’s commitment to you is a high quality, thorough home inspection that will serve you well as you move forward in your home or light commercial real estate purchase.


Why work with Joe


The smallest detail does not escape Joe’s notice!


You can count on Joe to do what he says! His word is his bond!


In my profession, precision and high quality are not  dispensable luxuries, but a simple necessity.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day you can rest easy knowing there will be no surprises down the road after Joe's home inspection of your new home!